Infinite Core

An insidious threat endangers Jace’s quest for the Empyrean Flame and the very existence of the School of Swords and Serpents!

With his plan to rebuild the Grand Design underway, Jace can’t wait to get back to school and continue his pursuit for the next level of advancement. But when the Shadow Phoenixes are threatened with annihilation, Jace will have to put his studies second to his new responsibilities as clan Elder.

With rival clans and internal pressures threatening to tear his clan apart, Jace learns that becoming a leader may be the hardest challenge he’s ever faced. And when Maps shows up with a dire warning that his time to complete the quest is drawing to a close, the young Elder finds himself in a race against time to stop the Grand Design from completely unraveling.

Infinite Core is the fifth book in the bestselling School of Swords and Serpents series, a tale of wuxia adventure, cultivation mastery, and lurking threats.

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